Moving Portrait no. 2

Image and  music – voice to come next week.

I have spent the whole day creating the music – it did not come as easy as Jennifer’s soundscape , which I created in about an hour. This on the other hand, has taken me six hours, for all its simplicity – I have added, stripped back, added and stripped back. At first I tried to mimick a tune incredibly similar to Jennifer’s, which did not work with Chris’ visual. Though the feeling of the music is quite similar – using the stratosphere wind through this soundscape as well as Jennifer’s I feel it has its own identity.

Tomorrow, Chris will come over and we are going to record the voice , for the final part to this video. I then need to adjust small details like the intro and end for both Chris’ and Jennifer’s moving portrait.

I am still undecided whether to submit Jennifer as a single outcome to this project or use Jennifer and Chris as a series.


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