Chris Hubley Video

For my final piece I have created a moving portrait with Jennifer. To accompany this it was decided that I could create the same portrait but with a trans man – Chris Hubley.
Tonight I filmed Chris and also interviewed him. I am happy with the interview – I now have around 40 minutes of footage I can use as research and inspiration to create text for the voice over. I am very laid back in terms of my direction of questioning and responses in my interview with Chris – I do not know him very well, so I think with little prompts, it was just good to see what he wanted to open to.

However, I am really dissapointed with the video quality – The 60d I hired out did not have a battery in it so I could not use it. The only equipment created a really low grade quality image, which I am not happy with. I am seeing Chris on Thursday so I have emailed him to see if he is happy to re- do the shoot, hopefully with a higher grade camera.
Also, because I am unable to get Chris to the studios in Cheltenham, I am not going to be able to recreate the same background/studio control I had with Jennifer. For that reason, I think I am going to film Chris on my balcony – with the sky as a backdrop – weather permitting.

I really hope this works out, even if it does not get completed for my hand in next week, I still would like to achieve and create this moving portrait with Chris.


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