Developments on film

Untitled Moving Portrait
This moving portrait is part of an ongoing project exploring the foundations of identity which are solidified in illusion, performance and hidden behind masks. In some sense it is a work of fiction created by myself, based on the thoughts and life of Jennifer Green; Yet deals with concepts of memory and transition, each of us experience everyday of our lives.


I am really happy with the way the text connects with the image and music… I have made the voice slightly quieter than one might expect, because I just want to create that idea of unconscious / personal thoughts. The music I created, I feel supports the intense gaze and atmosphere of the visual.

After talking Anthony and Andy, I am going to try and create a second video like this with Chris. Chris and I are already developing an idea of a film – which incorporates my photography and his artwork. I have just received a reply of Chris saying his is happy to create this second film on Tuesday night, but I am having difficulty hiring out equipment at the moment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 09.21.57
It will be good if it goes ahead, to get the two sides of being a trans woman and a trans man, I am aware there are many other forms of gender and identities but this will still be a good set.

Andy and Anthony suggested leaving a longer pause at the end before Jennifer’s portrait fades out. But I think the way the face imprints in the back of your eyelids at the same time as the last chord is played as everything fades out has a strong effect.

I am creating a page below about Jennifer for my website:



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