Moving STILL

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 18.07.12.png


Jennifer sat infront of the camera (60d with 50mm) for five minutes – I did this three times just incase. I used one light – an overhead soft box just above and infront of Jennifer’s face. I then created atmospheric music to go with the tone of the video. I created the music through garageband.

I now need to adjust timing and create text so a voice can go on top of the video.
Colour grading – As you can see below, the original video on the left had an incredibly warm tone so I needed to adjust this. I have never done this before, but its quite similar to photoshop – the right image is an example of me trying to get it right… the background was fine but the grade I had created brought out all the red/purple t0nes in the face. It did not take long to correct it.

I think this piece of work has worked really well. If we refer to, The power of the Gaze, discussing Dijkstras work, the intense gaze battles with the idea of the desire to view, to be seen and the uncomfortableness of this relationship. This is particularly poignant with Jennifer’s situation,  people long to stare at the unknown, the curious, the ever so slightly different. This moving portrait, highlights issues surrounding:

The gaze – to be seen and to see.
Identity – to be acknowledged and accepted by what other people see in you.

Whilst being personal to Jennifer, the voice and the text created, gives a greater overview and insight into the area of identity and gender. Rakesh Mahindra discussed the importance and the use of portrait in this sense, to give information to wider issues (under symposium post).


I also took some photographs on the digital medium format hasselblad – amazing quality. REMEMBER TO UPLOAD THEM ALL.





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