Where to develop my work

Today I discussed with Anthony where to go next with my work and how I envision the final outcome of this module.
I have many connections now in the transgender world, and over the next year or so, I plan on meeting up with the individuals who wish for me to take their portrait – to expand and create a large body of portraits.  I have also been invited to many events, which will add to the documentary element of this project.
For the time being – I want to refine my work and develop into other ways of portraying the stories and lives of living as a transgender person.

I have been looking at other multi media ways of expressing the issues developing from my transgender project, as mentioned before I am looking at paint and collage etc.
It has been decided that using sound will give another dimension – hopefully hooking further meaning to the portraits and giving the audience a deeper understanding.
I have organised to use the studio with Jennifer next Tuesday – so I can start to create and experiment with a film outcome.
I have hired sound recording equipment and over the next week, Jennifer and I will record many of her thoughts, experiences and opinions to use within the film.
I think the main elements I want to focus on when creating the narrative to this film /moving portrait, is the idea of identity – the foundations of ourself which are essentially solidified in illusion, masquerade and performance. So these are key points I want to keep in mind when producing the film.
At the moment, the film could be a series of portraits with the sound on top. However, I have had the idea of creating a moving portrait for a long time, I think to have the individual gazing into the camera and to the audience will create a strong effect that will grasp the viewers to listen to the story.
Another dimension to this piece of work, is to incorporate certain objects. Anthony suggested physically, alongside the film, however, I would like to see certain objects filmed in the same manner as the moving portrait incorporated into the film. I will experiment and see what works. This is something  I had been thinking about previously, which came about from Wendy’s images she sends me via Facebook. She likes to send my pictures of things that interest her, hobbies and objects she likes (e.g shoes / oranges / plants / cds). The physicality’s that create our identities.



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