Developing work with Jennifer


Jennifer and I meet up on a regular basis, she was the whole reason I started this project and she is a main character in the project. This was very ad lib, as I wanted to just get my juices flowing after a week or so of not shooting on the project. We are going to arrange a shoot in the studio – I want to create a very minimal image without Jennifers make-up/wig/clothing to create a bare portrait which we can then add layers upon through text and paint.
I have been looking at different artists that are using different mediums within photography and it is somewhere I would like to go in the future. Gender is a construct which is embroiled and eloped in stories of age and culture within a recipe of biology. I want to carry on documenting certain characters journey, but in order to explore gender further I want to take my photography down other avenues that explore truth and perception. How can we truly represent ourselves, our identities and can a photography hold all that weight? What better portrays an individual – a video, a photograph, a painting, a collage? All or none?

Below are some images from Dada artist Hannah Hoch. I am aware that this module wants a documentary outcome, but I also think that looking at other avenues of portrayal is important when creating any form of photography project.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.44.34

Studying documentary photography particularly highlighted by the topic of gender has just made even more aware of the complexities of depiction.

Much like a stroke of a brush, gender is just a performance a layer to ourselves.  The film below, with all the extracts from newspapers over the years is another element that can be incorporated into a project about gender and societies acceptances and changing views on the idea of gender being fluid and not so binary as we think.

This is Jennifer in my bathroom, I was just messing about with light so these are just test shoots – not very good quality lighting in them. But very strangely, Jennifer’s shadow looked like Greg… it was a very bizarre situation and highlighted the performance/illusion we create.



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