Sailor moon – the lines of reality are blurring the further I go along


My work with transgender people is definitely leaving behind the literal ideas of transgenderness and moving into a fluid area of personal identity, aspirations and sense of self. This was a wonderful insight into a community that looked towards anime for comfort and inspiration. I have contacted some Facebook groups, but to no avail – I feel this may be something to work on in the future when I have finished my university deadlines.

It was something I had never thought to research into, but the more I create work for my transgender project, the more I realise, the concepts of self and gender, on a  psychological level, draw very blurry lines between reality and imagination.  Our idea of self only exists in our mind, it is not something we can touch or quantify.

A photograph cannot do this, and this is why I am looking into other forms of creativity such as writing and painting to co-exist along with my photographs to give a richer idea of identity and gender. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.08.18

Further research into the connection between Anime and Gender

A Trans Man on What Sailor Moon Means to Him



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