Portraits by Daphne Chan

Daphne Chan created a series of portraits called Transparency: The gender identity project.  She discusses how her work is to raise awareness about the lack of visibility in LBGT community. I have a mixed review, I feel like I am seeing a lot of ‘passiveness’ in a lot of work at the moment (particularly in women’s photography, which I will discuss), and I can see it in this series too.  There are some very strong portraits in here as well, particularly the last three in my opinion. I am researching portraits, as ever just as much for technical reasons as I am conceptually. I like the way she has used window light in 4/ 6 of the images. The third image in the slide show, I feel with the flash and the back light, creates a strong softness around the man, feels like it needs to be harder. There is something about the blown out windows that just doesn’t work in this image, as opposed to the previous image with the person in the chair, where it definitely does.


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