An afternoon with Wendy

“Ok I’m a human being, I’m from a planet called earth, and someone put me here about 47 years ago.”

Wendy is Jennifer’s house mate , she suffers from a personality disorder and has been living as a woman for 2 and a half years. I have got to know her since last September’ for the first few times I went to her house to photograph Jennifer, she would prefer to keep out of the photographs. However, very quickly she wanted to be part of my photography project as she got to know me and saw the images that were produced.

I have seen her sporadically over the past academic year, on average about once a month. Sometimes I take photographs, sometimes we talk. When I go to see her next, I need to record  an interview of some form – like I have with Jennifer.


Please see the contact sheets for the colour versions, but I love the tones and textures that come out, particularly through the monochrome.

Wendy likes to send images through Facebook of what she is doing. For example, she loves gardening and owns many exotic trees and flowers. Above is an orange from her tree and a flower in her garden. It is interesting to have this insight, as it is not something I do in my day to day life. But Wendy does not know many people and the online world is way for her to connect to people.



Wendy is nocturnal, spending most of the hours of the day in bed, she gets up in the evenings to play trance music on online platforms. She sends me images like above quite often. To the right are her prized shoes, she is over six foot but still loves to wear high heels. Below is an image of the sky, she is obsessed with the weather and likes to follow the weather patterns and news intensively.



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